2022 Speaker Disclosures

In compliance with American Speech-Language Hearing Association’s Continuing Education Board’s Requirements, the San Jose State University requires program planners and instructional personnel to disclose information regarding any relevant financial and non-financial relationships related to course content prior to and during course planning. 

Relevant Financial Relationships; No Relevant Non-financial Relationships

Jade Kwan Student at University of the Pacific


  • Financial - Is an independent contractor (including contracted research) receiving grants from Eargo, Inc.
  • Non-financial - None

Carol Mackersie, Ph.D. Audiologist employed at University of California San Diego/San Diego State University


  • Financial - Receives Grants from National Institutes of Health (NIDCD)
  • Non-financial - None

Ryan McCreery, Ph.D. Director of Research and Director of the Audibility, Perception and Cognition Laboratory at Boys Town National Research Hospital and Director of the Center for Audiology. 


  • Financial - Receives a salary for employment at Boys Town National Research Hospital                           
  • Financial - Receives salary grants from NIH/NIDCD paid to his employer
  • Non-financial - None

Terry Moore, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (abd) Employed in a management position and has as ownership interest of MyoWorx Physiotherapy, Inc.


  • Financial - Receives a Salary as an employee of MyoWorx Physiotherapy Inc,  Holds patent on equipment,  Ownership interest of MyoWorx Physiotherapy Inc.
  • Non-financial - None

Mayra Rodriguez Student at  University of the Pacific


  • Financial - Is an independent contractor (including contracted research) receiving grants from Eargo, Inc                  
  • Non-financial - None

Jodi Sasaki-Miraglia, Au.D. Audiologist employed by Widex USA


  • Financial - Receives a salary for employment from Widex USA                  
  • Non-financial - None

David Smriga, M.A. Consultant for Etymonic Design, Inc.


  • Financial - Receives a consultant fee from Etymonic Design, Inc.
  • Non-financial - None

Relevant Financial Relationships; Relevant Non-financial Relationships

Nina Kraus, Ph.D. Employed as a professor at Northwestern University   


  • Financial - Author and receives royalties for Of Sound Mind: How Our Brain Constructs a Meaningful Sonic World from MIT Press Publishers
  • Non-financial - Board membership for American Hearing Research Foundation Scientific Adv Bd

No Relevant Financial Relationships; No Relevant Non-financial Relationships
The following speakers have indicated that they do not have any relevant financial or non-financial relationships to disclose.

Brenda Berger, Au.D.
Nick Brokaw
Madeleine Buchanan
Rita Flores
Jacob Hohsfield
Analisa Johnson

Graciela Krings-Castillo
Kevin Munro, Ph.D.
Jill Preminger, Ph.D.
Marcia Raggio, Ph.D.
Paul Sanchez
Elena Shur