2023 Speaker Disclosures

In compliance with American Speech-Language Hearing Association’s Continuing Education Board’s Requirements, the San Jose State University requires program planners and instructional personnel to disclose information regarding any relevant financial and non-financial relationships related to course content prior to and during course planning. 

Relevant Financial Relationships; No Relevant Non-financial Relationships

Deb Able, Au.DEmployed by Audigy


  • Financial - Receives a salary as an employee of Audigy
  • Non-financial - None

Doug Beck, Au.D. Employed by Cognivue, Inc.


  • Financial - Salaried employee at Cognivue, Inc.
  • Non-financial - None

Laurel Christianson, Ph.D. Employed by Resound


  • Financial - Receives a Salary/Ownership interest (e.g., stocks, stock, options, or other ownership interest excluding diversified mutual funds) from GN Hearing        
  • Non-financial - None

Frank Musiek, Ph.D. Audiologist employed by the University of Arizona


  • Financial - Receives a Salary as an employee of the University of Arizona
  • Non-financial - None

Kevin St. Clergy, M.S. Employed by MedPB


  • Financial -Receives a salary from MedPB, a Prsctis Company            
  • Non-financial - None

Relevant Financial Relationships; Relevant Non-financial Relationships

Cheryl Deconde Johnson, Au.D. Audiologist employed at Arizona State University


  • Financial - Receives royalties for from Plural Publishing, Inc.
  • Financial - Received Speaking Fee for Teaching/Speaking and Consulting for Colorado Academy of Audiology
  • Non-financial - Hand and Voices - Personal, Co-founder and Board Member, Board Membership

Samantha Ramirez, Au.D. Audiologist employed at Kaiser Permanente and San Jose State University


  • Financial - Receives a salary from Kaiser Permanente as an audiologist
  • Financial - Receives a salary from San Jose State University as a teacher and speaker
  • Non-financial - America Academy of Audiology - Membership Engagement and Recognition Committee as a Volunteer on advisory committee or review panels.

No Relevant Financial Relationships; Relevant Non-financial Relationships

Chris Focht, Au.D., CCC-A FAAA 


  • Financial - None
  • Non-financial - American Academy of Audiology - Professional Member of the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) team that created the precepting program. Volunteer membership on advisory committee and review panels for AAA.

No Relevant Financial Relationships; No Relevant Non-financial Relationships
The following speakers have indicated that they do not have any relevant financial or non-financial relationships to disclose.

Conner Jansen

Garrett Tong

Priya Dhillon

Amanda Duren

Samantha Rodriguez

Marjorie Meyer, Au.D. 

Milan Grewal

Rubina Sethi

Kasey Cain

Bryn Griswold, Au.D.

Sarah Paez

Nicholas Brokaw

Giana Hatem

Courtney Tramacera

Beianne Mangold

Madeleine Buchanan

Mayra Rodriguez

Jade Kwan

Jacob Ruiz

Jenna Cunningham

Zachary Abt

Fadi Najem

Marcia Raggio, Ph.D.

Paul Sanchez

Elaine Keth

Antonio Samayoa

Steven Huezo

Sara Eswara

Claudia Campos

Emily Bernard

Emily Ito

Paige Furnary

Jacob Ruiz

Jenna Cunningham

Alyssa Southwick

Tabitha Parent-Buck, Au.D.

Sarah Paez

Laura Dreisbach       

Raquel Marie Mendoza

Ihsan Aboueljoud

Bella Brown-Quigley    

Alyssa Southwick

Soumya Venkitakrishnan

Graciela Krings-Castillo