CAA 2023 Pre-Conference

Changes in Audiology in 2023: Facts, Legal, and Ethical Implications

Thursday, September 28, 2023
1:00 - 4:00 PM

Audiologists are at an unprecedented crossroad with Medicare Part B changes, Over-the-Counter hearing aids, and other disruptions. This session will discuss the 2023 Medicare Part B changes for audiologists as well as how to position your practice for potential revenue changes. Finally, several scenarios will be discussed as a group as to legal and ethical considerations.

Pre-conference participants will learn how to identify current and future Medicare payment initiatives and the billing opportunities in the dynamic and future landscape for the provision of audiology services including audiology assistants, niche services, itemization of hearing aid services, Over-the-Counter hearing aids, Third Party Administrators, and telehealth.

Deb Abel, Au.D.

Deb Abel, Au.D.

Debbie Abel, Au.D. is the manager of Coding and Contracting Services for Audigy after serving as staff at the American Academy of Audiology and is a Past President of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology. She has also had her own private practice in Alliance, OH.

Dr. Abel is the editor of The Essential Guide to Coding in Audiology: Coding, Billing and Practice Management, the author of a chapter in the Essential Guide to Coding in Otolaryngology: Coding, Billing and Practice Management, the three editions of Strategic Practice Management: A Patient Centered Approach/Business and Procedural Considerations and has authored articles in various audiology publications.

There is an additional fee to attend the 2023 Pre-Conference Session. Please see the Conference Registration page for details and pricing.