President's Message 2012

A Message From CAA President Rupa Balachandran

Dear Colleagues:

I welcome you to the New Year with a quote from President Coolidge; Our real problem is not our strength today; it is rather the vital necessity of action today to ensure our strength tomorrow. This idea is the driving force behind the California Academy of Audiology and it is more relevant

to us today than ever before.

We face many challenges in our profession; constant reductions in reimbursement, cuts in services, threats to our income and practices. We also have a clear message of hope; the Arab Spring showed us what a group of individuals with a clear goal in mind can accomplish.

With the power of the social media, our connections allow us to function in new and exciting ways. We can alert you to important professional issues that impact your practice, we can present with one voice, your opinions and concerns, and use it to shape our future.

What do you want CAA to accomplish this year? Together we can lay the foundation and start on the path to strengthen our future. Over the years we have proven time and again that we are your voice, your representative in California. There are many ways to show your support, become a member, friend us on Facebook, or visit our website. I look forward to understanding your needs and your concerns. Share your stories and build a community. We are looking at different ways to partner with you. My goal is to make CAA your go to place for your professional needs!

I came from Mumbai , India to New York as a graduate student, and followed my husband to California. I remain to this day in love with California. I have worked as an audiologist in India, the United Kingdom and the United States. I have had the best experience professionally in California. My current work at a non-profit organization strengthens my love for the profession and my desire to ensure the future of audiology in our state.
I am confident of accomplishing our goals together and look forward to serving you this year.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

Rupa Balachandran Ph.D.
President, California Academy of Audiology

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