President's Message 2020

Dear Colleagues,

This is an exciting to time to be leading the California Academy of Audiology.  We have a growing population of people who need our services and we finally have some new Au.D. programs coming online thanks to the tireless work from past CAA board members.

With four new Au.D. programs starting up our audiology community has an opportunity to work on our teaching and mentoring skills. To graduate with the skills they need, our students will need support from the entire community in their clinical rotations, externships and mentoring relationships.  We‘re counting on our members to lead the way in bringing these new audiologists into the profession.

Another evolving area in Audiology is the pending verbiage from the FDA defining over the counter hearing aids.   How this category will affect patient care and whether this truly makes a dent in the numbers of hearing impaired without hearing aids remains to be seen.

Insurance reimbursement for our services and hearing aids isn‘t necessarily a new topic but it remains on our radar.  In order to provide high quality care to our patients we need adequate reimbursement for our services.  To get people in hearing aids we need affordable options to give them.  Reconciling these two realities remains a challenge for us.

We will be providing networking and educational opportunities at our annual Convention in La Jolla on September 10-12 and we plan to have a couple of smaller meetings across the state.  We hope to see you there!

As THE California group representing audiologists, CAA is uniquely positioned to work with our members in these exciting times.  As a member driven organization, we always want to hear from you.  The above topics are ones that I see as important.  Please drop me a line and let me know what you think is important:

Yours in Health and Happiness,

Leigh Kjeldsen, Au.D.
President — CAA

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